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Woman Cuts Lover's Genitals for Planning to Marry another woman

'A jilted woman allegedly bobbitised her 23-year-old lover for planning to marry another girl at Naugawan (Darshan Singh) village of Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh.

Police said that the incident occurred during the intervening night of January 23-24 in which 21-year old girl bobbitised the victim using a reaping hook.

The girl and the victim are residents of Naugawan (Darshan Singh) village under Kotwali police station of the city.
"The girl was in a relationship with the youth since past 3-4 years. She was unhappy as the boy's marriage was arranged with another girl of his own caste from same village," Kotwali Police Police station incharge Anil Upadhyay informed.

"The girl invited the victim to her residence on the night of January 23 and cut off the boy's private part using a reaping hook under the pretext of having a physical relation," Upadhyay added.
He said after the incident, the boy reached home and kept quiet for some time but eventually informed family members due to heavy bleeding.

Police said that family members took the boy to the district hospital of Sidhi, from where the doctors referred him to a hospital in Rewa. The doctors there told the family members to take him to Jabalpur for treatment.

The police have arrested the accused girl and booked her under relevant sections of IPC.The police said that the reaping hook used in the incident along with chopped part of the victim were recovered on girl's information.

The girl was saying that she was in a relationship with the boy since past 3-4 years and even had a marriage solemnised in the temple, police said.
"The girl said that the family members were not recognizing their relations as she belongs to other caste. So, they arranged the boy's marriage with the girl of same caste," the police added.

The victim had returned to his village from Mumbai only about 10-days back. He was doing some job in Mumbai since past some months.' - Source: Khaleej Times

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