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The "mighty" Coffee Machine Spout lol

It was awkward, really awkward when my cup of coffee had to be searched for the missing "spout".

Lets rewind to what led to that, lol. So this colleague and I were representing the company at one of the biggest oil and gas conferences in the region. It is one of the high profile conferences that witnesses the top oil and gas executives and stakeholders in the industry.

As occasion demands, there is always a brief networking and breakfast time. After exchanging pleasantries and business cards, I headed to the coffee machine to serve myself a cup of hot steaming coffee.

I forced out my mug which had gotten stuck on the machine after brewing. Maybe the force I was using to pull the coffee mug was equal to a tonardo because lo and behold the spout of the nozzle ended up falling into my coffee. Omg!!! what should I do. I quickly checked around for a solution. Yes the tea spoons, or even tea sticks!! but no, none was in sight at that particular time.

I guess the hotel needs to restructure their service delivery. What next...? I started feeing uncomfortable because anyone could walk to the coffee machine at any time. Dipping my fingers to grab it was was never an option. Lol not when there were high profiled persons in attendance.

It would have been so embarrassing should anyone see me in such act. So, I just pretended nothing had happened and walked away from the coffee machine with the spout still in my coffee. After two sips, there approached two battlers asking me to hand over my cup of coffee. Obviously I had to pretend I didn't know what was happening,

They said since I was the last person to leave the machine before the spout went missing I was then the first "Suspect" hehe. I gently handed my cup to them and they came back later with a new cup of coffee with smiles on their faces..."we found it, it was in your coffee, here's a new cup for you" they said.

I acted all surprised and kept asking how it got in there, then i gently walked away from the scene and sworn never to go near that coffee machine until the conference was over. Thank goodness only 3 out of the 400 executives who were present witnessed the scene.

Have you ever encountered an extremely embarrassing situation in line of your work? share it with us lol

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What new apparel do you have on today?...common share with us.

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